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The Alumni Association provides the following scholarships each June:

Two $1,000 Scholarships in the memory of Charles H. Williams, Lincoln’s first principal. Mr. Williams was a man to whom the school meant so much. Many of us remember him greeting students each morning at the 120 hallway ramp. Many of the fine traditions carried on today at the school were established under Mr. Williams’ leadership.

A $1,000 Scholarship is given in memory of Harry C. Silcox, who was a graduate of Lincoln High School, an excellent Lincoln basketball player, and served Lincoln as a teacher, coach, vice-principal, and principal. Through Harry’s leadership many new and innovative programs were added to Lincoln’s curriculum.

A $1,000 Railsplitters III Scholarship is given in memory of Daniel Menichella, who served as our Alumni president over a span of four decades. Through Dan’s leadership, the Executive Committee grew and new people were encouraged to participate and serve. Dan took much pride in Lincoln, making its presence known through his involvement in community activities and outreach, and had a deep caring for all Lincoln students and teachers.

A $1,000 Railsplitters III Scholarship is given in memory of Hal Masters, who served as First Vice-President of our Alumni for many years and was active in many community groups, keeping the name of the Association viable in the Mayfair and Holmesburg area. As Hal was extremely interested in music and singing in gospel choirs, this scholarship is presented to a student who has demonstrated interest and proficiency in music. Recipients are selected by the Alumni Association Executive Committee with advice from the school’s music department.

A $1,000 Railsplitters III Scholarship is given in memory of Kim MacNamara. Kim had a talent for and keen interest in journalism and technology. She served the Association for many years officially as our Alumni Newsletter Editor and Data Base Manager, but Kim did so much more for our organization. No task was too large or too small. Kim demonstrated a real concern for the members of the Association in many ways.

A $2,000 Scholarship given in memory of Mr. Karl Kalman.  Mr. Kalman was a Lincoln Mathematics Department head and teacher from 1950 through 1964.  His pride in his field and his caring and compassionate approach to his teaching changed the course of many of his student’s lives.  This scholarship is made possible by Mr. Austin Gleeson (Jan ‘56), a former student of Mr. Kalman’s, and currently a professor of physics at the University of Texas at Austin.

Recipients are selected by the Alumni Association Executive Committee with advice from the school’s mathematics/science department.

The Elizabeth Billman Gleeson Student Support Fund provides a grant ($250 - $500) for various student projects throughout the school year.  This grant is made possible by Mr. Austin Gleeson (Jan ‘56) in memory of his late wife.

The two C. H. Williams Scholarships, the Harry C. Silcox Scholarship, and the Daniel Menichella Scholarship are awarded by relatives of Lincoln alumni who demonstrate school spirit, interest in the school, and represent the characteristics of the person for whom the scholarship is named.

The other scholarships are awarded to students who are not necessarily related to alumni. Recipients are selected following an interview by members of the Alumni Executive Committee.

An additional scholarship in the amount of $250.00 is given to a student who has shown outstanding proficiency in Environmental Technology. The Academy chooses the recipient.

How We Fund The Scholarships

The Association scholarships are funded through the efforts of the Association through class dues, reunions, support of various activities throughout the year, contributions to the Railsplitters III Scholarship Fund, purchases of Alumni memorabilia, memorials and other contributions we receive throughout the year, and lately, through our memorial paver purchase program.  (See All About Pavers for more about this program.)

Because our Alumni Association is an IRS 501(c)3 organization, we may accept donations from many sources. Many of you who wish to donate may work for a company which provides matching funds, or you may wish to consider us through estate planning or donating in someone’s memory.

The Railsplitter III Scholarship Fund

This fund is earnestly striving to increase our contributions and solicit contributors. This is an on-going drive that began in 1979 to raise scholarship funds. May Raburn, Class of 1952, currently directs this fund. You can become a member of this group by sending contributions in $100, $500, and $1000 denominations.

Each contributor will receive a Bronze Pin at the $100 level; a Silver Pin at the $500 level; and a Gold Pin at the $1000 level. In addition, your name and any personal information you wish to include will be printed in the Alumni Newsletter, which is published semi-annually. Three $1000 scholarships are awarded annually at graduation to deserving seniors who are the children of Abraham Lincoln High Alumni. These are in addition to the scholarships that are awarded from the Alumni General Fund.

If you are interested in helping us grow the scholarship fund, please send your donation to:

Lincoln High School Alumni Association
P.O. Box 11102
Philadelphia, PA 19136

About Our Scholarship Awards