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Copyright © 2015-2017 Abraham Lincoln High School Alumni Association, P.O. Box 11102, Philadelphia, PA 19136

We want you to know that there are organizations such as "Alumniclass.com" (and many others) that are portraying themselves as “your” alumni association -- even going so far as to list the Ryan Ave. address of the school.

A Caution From Your Alumni Association

This is NOT us ….

Neither is THIS….

(As a general rule of thumb, the alumni association is a separate entity from the actual school and building in a public school system.  That’s why we are not allowed to list the school address or telephone number in any of our correspondence.)

These “for profit” organizations are not us. The information they provide to you is only as good as that which their members have provided them.  They are not active nor are they in contact with the current school, the administration, or our alumni association.  Revenue generated by their products and services does not in any way benefit Lincoln High School or the many programs currently active in our school.

Your Alumni Association is directly in contact with the school and its alumni on a daily basis.

We are recognized by the school and the School District of Philadelphia as the only official Abraham Lincoln High School Alumni Association.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to preserve our past while supporting our future school and its alumni.

It is from years of trust and respect that the school administration and the school district works directly with us.

We are not saying that you are not allowed to join these organizations.  We simply feel obligated to make sure that you, our friends, are clear on the differences between the organizations in which you are placing your trust.  Questions?  Concerns?

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