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Page 6 (this page)

• An Ode to An ALHS Retiree From The Old Lincoln High
• Remembering Principal Williams
• Pictures from the Charles H. Williams family album

• A Parking Warning Notice from The Boss (Thanks to Charles Graham for sharing)
• Lincoln 8
th Grade Basketball Team and Mayfair School pix from 1958-1960
• Mayfair School Class of 1958
• Aerial view of Mayfair in 1937

Page 5
• Lincoln High Modeled
• Remember These Lights?
• Abraham Lincoln High School - From Old to New (also shows the Poorhouse)

Page 4:
• A Memory of Wood Shop
• The LHS Phys Ed Dept - c. 1951-1954
• The 1952 ALHS Handbook
• 1961 School Sweater

Page 3:
• The Time Capsule
• A Reminiscence from Dave Nisula, June '54
• Ode to the Ramps (and Who Was First On The Ramps?)

Page 2:
• The Farewell-to-Old-Lincoln Lawn Party - May 2009
• A Look Back At "Christmas in Wissinoming"
• Virtual Tour of Old Lincoln
• Safety Patrols at Mayfair, Holme, Ethan Allen, and Forrest - Elementary Schools in the 40's-50's
• Lincoln High School Class trip to Washington DC in May, 1957 - Classes from January & June '58 and January '59
• Frankford High Soccer Champs of 1938

Page 1:
• LHS Collectibles Slideshow
• The 1960 Miss Pennsylvania Pageant

Back row, L-R: Marshall Asnen, John Banks, Rich Desarrio, Wayne Albert, Eddie Grove, Fred Bruestle, Joe Kachline, Don Paretchan

3rd row, L-R: Martin Pure, Jack Hummel, Charles Lorman, Leslie Smith, Sue Kershaw, Elisa Malaspina, Beverly Banister, Eleanor Kueler, Rich Johnson, Walt Ludman, Jim Wark, Billy Henry

2nd row, L-R: Jeraldine Delp, Carol Budnicki, Marsha Haurin, Sandy Fine, Marolyn Massey, Principal Beatrice Good, Ann Roach, Teacher Mrs Gentry, Corole O’Bedin, Sandy Disck, Dotty Suter, Charlotte Maurer, Susan Kandiner

1st row, L-R: Madeline Puljer, Sinthera Lennard, Carol Newman, Nancy Iona, Pat O’Flynn, Judy McCue, Gene Kohler, Donna Schatz, Sandra Duff, Diane Webb, Sue Reece

Our thanks to Eddie Grove, LHS Jan ‘63, for sharing this picture and providing the names.

Mayfair School - Class of 1958 1937

Mayfair in 1937

Lincoln 8th Grade Basketball Team and Mayfair School pix from 1958-1960
(click to enlarge)

Mr. & Mrs. Williams, May 18, 1929

Mr. Williams & son George, date unknown

Mr. Charles H. Williams, Lincoln’s first principal from 1950-1970.  Our thanks to Mr Williams’ son George for sharing his pictures.

An Ode to An ALHS Retiree From The Old Lincoln High

Farewell, my friend, I bid you adieu,

Together we move from old to new.

To your dedicated service I give an accolade;

For enabling my young people to make the grade.

As I embraced them with my cinder block walls,

You tenderly lifted them over life’s little pitfalls.

As we look out beyond to the shell once me,

Forever shared memories entrenched shall be.

Amidst the surging signs of change we did prevail,

Now on two different tributaries we will set sail.

Carrying on your devoted work will be my task,

Life’s new chapter will be for you to unmask.

Remember me dearly as I will you,

Farewell, my friend, I bid you adieu.


Written and Contributed by Ms. Paula Miller

Science ChairBadminton and Varsity Field Hockey Coach

Yearbook Sponsor

Abraham Lincoln High

(Ms. Miller wrote this to ALHS retirees on the first year they moved into the new school.)

Principal Charles H. Williams

Updated: 8/1/2017