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More Memorabilia

Safety Patrols
at Mayfair, Holme, Ethan Allen, and Forrest Elementary Schools in the 40's-50's

Can you identify any of the people in these pictures?  (Or, are you in one of the pics?) If so, please let us know.

Drop an e-mail to Joe Nonemaker so that we can recognize you for your excellent service.

Thanks to Barry Batezel, Stan Marks, Phil Mitchell, Skip Moyer, and Joe Nonemaker for sharing their pictures.

Click here to view the album

Lincoln High School Class trip to Washington DC
May, 1957
Classes from January and June '58 and January '59

Click here to view this in Google Photos,
which has many options for full and partial magnification and positioning.

Frankford High Soccer Champs of 1938

Including Lincoln's own Harry Barfoot

(top row, third from left)

Thanks to Skip Moyer, June '61 for the pic.

(Click to enlarge)

Do You Remember?

A Look Back At
"Christmas in Wissinoming"
by Lincoln grad Ron Gordon, June '57

Click here for the pdf

The Farewell-to-Old-Lincoln Lawn Party
May 2009

Hosted by Your Alumni Association on Saturday, May 30th, 2009

View the May 2009 Lawn Party pics on Photobucket

Although many pics have no caption, we know that most of you are very familiar with those old hallways and will have no trouble identifying what you're viewing.   On the other hand, if you think a pic needs an explanation please identify it and send us your suggestion.  

Our thanks and appreciation to these generous people for sharing their lawn party pictures with us:

Pat Buchanan ('69), Joe Bussman (1/62), Cliff and Diana Lochner Doctor (both '69), Rob Johnson (6/62), Jeff Miller ('74), Martin Miller ('69), Joe Nonemaker ('57), Chris and Rita Ruhl (both '78), Eddie Grove ('63)

More Memorabilia >>

More Memorabilia >>