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More Memorabilia

A Memory of Wood Shop
(from Jeff Miller, '74)

“I have two items I made in wood shop.   They were made between 1969 and 70 or 71. After that I went to metal shop, mud shop, electric shop, print shop and auto shop. I think that's all of them.

“Thought it might interesting to some of us shop guys which the school no longer has.”

Jeff Miller, Class of 74

(Click to enlarge)

Thanks for sharing, Jeff.

Back row, L-R:
Mr. Hirst, Ms. Smith, Mr. Smith, Ms. Hangen, Mr. Barfoot, Ms. Wacker, Mr, Lightfoot, Ms. Guiliano, Mr. Brod, Ms. Kimmerle

Front row, L-R:
Ms. Emery(?), Mr. Weinstein, Ms. Marco, Mr, Schneider, Ms. Sharpe, Mr Cavanaugh, Ms. ?, Mr. Watson, Ms. Murr, Mr. Nelson

(Thanks to Joe Nonemaker for rescuing this pic from the wrecking ball)

A fascinating look back at a much simpler time.

Thanks to Joel Bloom, Class of June 1958, for scanning and sharing this small piece of Lincoln High history.

Click here for the album

(Click to enlarge)

The 1952 ALHS Handbook

The LHS Phys Ed Department, c. 1951-1954

1961 School Sweater
(owned and worn by Walton S. Sweeney *)

(Click to enlarge)

Thanks for sharing, Walt!

(* Walt passed away in Sept. 2014)

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More Memorabilia >>