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Previous Mystery Pics

In The Community Room - What Year?

Are you in this picture?  Tell us more about it!

Alexis Graham (June ‘64) contributed this:

“Community room....1964.  
Blonde with wide headband...me - Alexis Graham.  
I believe nearby girls are Jan Lewandowski, Marcy McGuire, Carol Hornyak.”    

Thanks for sending, Alexis.


Eugene Murray (Jan ‘57) sent us this update:

“In 1955  and/or 1956 I was one of the members of the sound crew who played the records.  If the dancing was determined to be racy (the dirty dig), Mrs Murphy destroyed the record.”

Thanks for the look back, Gene.


John Ligos (June ‘64) emailed us with this info:

“The pix is from 1960 - 1964.  A few of my class mates and one from my home room are in this pix. They are  from the class of June 1964 so it could not earlier than June 1960. One came from J.H Brown with me and started Lincoln in June 1960.

I think I am also in this pix. All the way back against the wall looking forward with the black jacket left of the pillar. That is were I would stand everyday at lunch. It also looks like me 50 years ago.”

Thanks, John.


Jeff Petrov emailed us to say:

“I don’t know the year of the pic. But the blonde (not sure of spelling) is Lorraine Mercowski. She was in my homeroom.”

Thanks, Jeff.


Ann Cimeo checked in with this:

“Front and center girl on right with brown hair is me.  (Ann Cimeo)  class of Jan. 64.  I would think it was when I first started at Lincoln.

“All the way in the back, almost against the wall, is Rita Barbieri.  Dark hair, facing forward.  In front of her, girl with blonde hair facing forward, I think is  Diane Sestak.  All class of 64.  Some great memories.”

Thanks, Ann!

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The caption says that this is a pic of the 1981 VICA … can anyone refresh our collective memory about the “VICA”?  What was it?  What did it do?  Where you part of it?   Tell us more about it!



Joseph F. Devlin emailed us to say:

“I believe the teacher standing on the right is Mr. Caroll (sp?)  I had him in 11th grade for Auto Shop.  Every year they used to have a competition in the football stadium between high school car jocks.  They would have different repairs needed for each car and it was up to each school to troubleshoot/repair the fastest.That group may have been the team representing Lincoln.  VICA may stand for the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America -- who ran the Auto troubleshooting competition.”

Thanks for sharing, Joseph.

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Ok class of '94.  Do you remember these people?  The Yearbook says these 'Distinguished Students' are: Terrence Berkery, Joseph Cooper, Brian Kelley, Theresa Repetsky, Denise Schemm, David C. B. Scott & Ronald Stevens.  

Any of you out there?  Let us hear from you.   

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Lawn Pix

c. 1971 or 1972

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Class of 2010 Seniors

Are You In This Pic?

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